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Web Forms features

Various Field Types
Numerous field types available.
Field validation keeps your data consistent.

Custom Confirmation
Redirect your visitor to a custom URL. Display a custom message.

Send a confirmation email to your respondent.

Advanced CAPTCHA
Protect your forms from spam bots.

Unlimited number of data base tables
Create and update as many databases as you want.

Organized Data
Optimize your list view. Select fields that matter.

Export to Anything
Choose from XLS, Tabs Delimited, and CSV formats.
Search All Fileds
Query specific items in your entries.

Colors and Backgrounds
Our web form editor provides you with a lot of options to create your own unique masterpiece.

Custom Submit Button
Create your own button image.

Special Fonts
Utilize our collection of fonts to personalize your forms.

Multiple Users
Share an account with your team. This is why our product is great for small to large organizations.
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