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Xminder Web Forms is a free and easy to use HTML online form builder that helps you create web forms and surveys.

You can create a variety of online forms using our easy form builder software. Custom design and build surveys, contact forms, event registration forms, and lead generation forms. Seamlessly integrate our amazing online forms on to your website.

Perfectly fit for your website or blog
If you ever wanted a neat website contact form that your visitors can use to send you feedback, but you don't have the technical knowledge or the server requirements to do it, now you can get it easily for free!

No Programming required!
You can select from templates such as contact forms, order forms, and survey forms. Or create your own form using our web form builder. Our form builder will generate the HTML code to copy and paste to your site.

Easy to use
No need to run scripts, our powerful form engine processes your submissions, autoresponds on your behalf, and redirects visitors to a thank you page.

Unlimited number of contacts in your database tables
Create, update, delete as many databases as you want, attach web forms, then stock as many contact data as you want.
Don't start from scratch!
Sign up for FREE and experience simple and easy-to-use web form builder. Create your own form or use one of our templates. Collect Data. Analyze Results.
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