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Step by step mobile creation

Get your audience interested in what you're doing and saying-and get them to take action! No special technical or design skills required to use Mobile Marketing from Xminder. You can do this and get winning results. We'll help you every step of the way.

Use our awesome sms builder
We offer you a Text Message Builder to create your text message within seconds. It's quick, efficient and easy to use.

Get your sms ready to go
Write the text, set up the "sender name" field for your message, so readers will recognize it as being from your business.

Select your email list for recipients
Import your existing email list from Excel, Csv, text file or your contact list from a database table. Group your contacts by common interests. Send targeted messages to different groups.

Personalize each message
Add a personal touch to your SMS campaigns by inserting data such as First Name, Last Name, or City into the body of your messages.

Schedule your mobile campaign for delivery
Preview your email campaign to make sure it's perfect.
Run an easy anti-spam test to make sure your email gets delivered.
Send it now or schedule it for later - all on your time zone.

View All SMS Replies
Follow the impact of your messages on your recipients reading their reply.

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