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Contact list management

Create and manage your own permission based contact list.

It's better than a contact list you buy or rent, because you already know the people on your list want to hear from you and are interested in you. It doesn't cost you anything to build one. Mobile Marketing helps you start your contact list - and keep it growing, too.

Start and grow your contact lists
Create a database table in Xminder; use the custom contact list, or create one of your own, adapted to your interests.
Add a web form on your website to collect visitors' cell phone number.
Contacts can easily unsubscribe if they change their minds.

Import your existing contact lists
Easily import your permission-based file: Excel (.xls), comma separated value (.csv), or text (.txt)

Group your contacts into targeted email lists for powerful results
- Segment based on interest or shared characteristics like location or birth month.
- Combine multiple email lists into a new, single email list when you need one big mailing.
- We'll make sure people on multiple lists only get one message.
- We'll make sure people on multiple lists only get one message

Keep your email list up-to-date and reliable
- Access and update your contact database from any computer, anytime.
- Our opt out option asks contacts why they leave, so you can make changes to improve retention.

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